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Who We Are

Prosemi is the largest electronic component test house in Southeast Asia. We provide the best in quality services, authenticity testing and turnkey projects for the semiconductor industry, CEMs and OEMs.


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How Prosemi Works

Prosemi understands the challenges facing customers looking for verified quality. We ensure that you can make purchases with confidence through our rigorous authenticity testing and comprehensive service offerings.

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Commitment to Quality

At Prosemi, our quality assurance process ensures products' functionality to form, fit and function, in addition to guaranteed detection of defects, problems and inauthentic products.

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Best-in-Class Equipment

We have an excellent reputation for advanced testing because we use the most up-to-date machinery and tools. Along with our highly trained quality engineers, we provide customers with exceptional, cutting-edge testing and assembly services.

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Expedited Service

We know that a quick turnaround time helps our customers gain a competitive edge in their markets. Our transparent testing protocols and clear communications ensure products are delivered quickly and efficiently, minimizing wait times.

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Industries We Serve

Prosemi is the leading provider of assembly and test services in Southeast Asia. Our experienced professional team has worked widely across industries for 24 years.

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Prosemi delivers
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Customizable Solutions
Your company's needs are unique; that's why Prosemi offers a customizable menu of services that can test your parts to your standards.
Rapid Turnaround
As a large-scale testing house with cutting-edge equipment, we have the capacity and means to process your orders accurately and quickly.
Premium Technology
Our facilities are consistently upgraded to maintain the most up-to-date technology, so our testing experts are always operating to the highest standards possible.
Peace of Mind
When you test your orders through Prosemi, you not only receive the best quality testing on the market, but also the confidence that what you order is what you will get.

Prosemi - The leading provider of assembly and test services in Southeast Asia.

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Prosemi - The leading provider of assembly and test services in Southeast Asia.

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