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Established in 1998, Prosemi is the leading electronic component test house in Asia. We offer authenticity testing, repacking, and programming services, all performed to the highest standard of quality.

Prosemi provides these services for all industries, partnering with the world’s largest OEMs and CMs. We safeguard our customers’ supply chains against non-confirming or counterfeit parts and provide them with the assurance of authentic components.


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    Authenticity Testing

    Receive comprehensive technical data with Prosemi’s Authenticity Testing. Through visual inspection, package dimension measurement, XRF and X-ray, as well as functional, RoHs and solderability testing, we safeguard your products against faulty components.

    With a comprehensive range of cutting-edge capabilities, Prosemi can authenticate electronic components at the highest level. We use our C-SAM equipment to detect microscopic evidence of repackaging or improper assembly through ultrasonic waves. Additionally, Prosemi can identify counterfeit components by detecting even the slightest deviation in material composition from authentic parts using our XRF machine. These are some of Prosemi’s many test capabilities, which altogether form a comprehensive process capable of identifying all forms of counterfeit or substandard components.

    Contact us today to learn about Prosemi’s full suite of testing capabilities.

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    IC Programming

    Certify that your chips are capable of quickly and accurately adding programs with Prosemi’s IC Programming. Our services enable specific, customizable solutions so chips can fully integrate into their applications.

    Through our dedicated team of programmers and advanced, automated equipment, Prosemi offers highly customizable IC programming services with a rapid turnaround. In addition to five manual programming machines, Prosemi has two automated machines – both with a throughput of 18K pieces a day. We provide read/write tests, erase tests, blank checks, and much more.

    No matter the volume or specifications, Prosemi is equipped to handle any IC programming project. Contact us today to learn more.

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    Tape + Reel

    Ensure components are efficiently and properly packaged with Tape and Reel Services. Our machines are capable of packaging 18k components per hour, a testament to our commitment to timely and informed distribution.

    Prosemi offers flexibility in tape sizes and configurations to accommodate a wide range of component types and sizes. Utilizing our automated Visdynamics Tray Inspection system, reels are inspected for missing components, incorrect components, a variety of defects while executing the tape and reel process at an impressive 18K components per hour.

    Contact us today to optimize your production process and ensure efficient assembly through tape and reel services at Prosemi.

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    Experience expert product management with Prosemi’s Sorting Services. With both manual and fully automatic sorting available, our team works at scale to help you handle all your passive and active electronic components.

    Prosemi provides rapid and accurate sorting services that are customizable to fit customers’ packaging requirements. We utilize the DediProg DP900 Repacking Machine, a fully automatic, modular packaging and sorting system designed to support JEDEC trays, numerous SOP tubes, and tape reels up to 22’’. This equips us to handle a wide variety of sorting specifications and provide you with a packaging solution that fully optimizes your production process.

    Contact us today and introduce another level of efficiency to your production process through customizable sorting options at Prosemi.

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    Verify parts are guaranteed to form, fit and function with Prosemi’s Baking Services. Our technical expertise, combined with short and long baking options, is the best way to ensure that your components are moisture free.

    Prosemi has expert baking services to draw out moisture from components without compromising functionality. Conditions are carefully monitored and adjusted according to the specific requirements of different components.

    Through Prosemi’s expert baking services, you can mitigate against moisture-sensitive components and avoid costly issues such as delamination, electrical shorts, or reduced functionality. Our skilled technicians carefully monitor and adjust the baking process to meet the specific requirements of different component types, mitigating the risk of damage while restoring full functionality.

    Contact us today to learn more about how Prosemi can ensure quality for your moisture-sensitive components.

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    Laser Marking

    Guarantee precise documentation and traceability of programmed chips with Prosemi’s Laser Marking Services. Our advanced laser marking suite of services is the best way to meet quality assurance requirements.

    Prosemi provides precise laser marking solutions to ensure traceability and brand identification for your products. Through our Keyence Laser Marking System MD-X1000, we can mark product identification numbers, serial numbers, and other information needed to track your product through its lifecycle.

    We guarantee precise and reliable markings that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

    Contact us today to discuss your laser marking needs.

Industries We Serve

Prosemi is the leading provider of assembly and test services in Southeast Asia. Our experienced professional team has worked widely across industries for 24 years.

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At Prosemi, quality is at the core of everything we do. Through our process-driven operations, advanced technology, and skilled professionals, we integrate a standard of excellence into every level of our services.

Prosemi has a comprehensive suite of capabilities to serve the most stringent quality control needs. No matter the service, we utilize advanced, high-throughput equipment to provide the highest level of quality with rapid turnaround times.


The cornerstone of our quality program is ensuring we exceed industry best practices. Here is a list of Prosemi's current certifications.

Prosemi - The leading provider of assembly and test services in Southeast Asia.

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